LaMaGa: Sierpinski's chain

Subject: Fractal geometry.

Explanation: An Iterated Function System (IFS) acting on the smiley five times. Its fixed point is Sierpinski's triangle.

Bibliography: See the book "G.A. Edgar, Measure, Topology and Fractal Geometry, Springer (1992)". The pic was rendered with PATOO, which is described in "J.Rodríguez-Laguna, A computational algebra for the generation of geometric patterns", freely available here or (in Spanish) at Suma 46 pg. 45-50 (2004)

Software: Program for the Application of Translations and Other Operators (PATOO), freely available at .

Printable copy: PostScript file available here.

All images are rendered using free software, and released under the GPL

Last Update: 21 May 2005
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