Labyrinthical Mathematical Gallery

thumbs/sqpiral.png thumbs/flowpat.png thumbs/dressing.png thumbs/ddouble.png
Sqpirals, 14 images Deterministic flow pattern I, 28 KB Dressing potentials, 40 KB Double double spiral, 56 KB
thumbs/hbutterfly.png thumbs/passive.png thumbs/pbutterfly.png thumbs/schain.png
Hofstadter's butterfly, 31 KB Passive scalar field, 17 KB Polar butterfly, 58 KB Sierpinski's chain, 64 KB
thumbs/sierpyr.png thumbs/flor.png
Sierpinski's pyramid, 13 KB Formula's flower, 28 KB

This is a collection of computational pictures from mathematics and physics. All of them are free, i.e.: released under the GPL and rendered using free software.

Created on: May 21, 2005
Last update: May 15, 2006

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