Tutorial on Numerical Computation doing maths with computer


Welcome to the tutorial on numerical computation for undergrads in Physics, Maths and Engineering.

The aim of this tutorial is to learn to do mathematics with the computer. In real life applications of mathematics, most of the time the calculations are too hard to be completed with pencil and paper. Thus, we will learn how to use a computer to help us.

In order to take the tutorial you will need to have access to a computer with GNU-octave installed. The first node of the tutorial provides some help with the installation. Luckily, it is free software It runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows… it even runs on Android!

Follow the tutorial with the octave window open: learning to program without access to the software is a frustrating experience. Whenever you have questions, you may ask me, either by e-mail or personally.

Example carotid

This webpage offers an online octave window… try it!